SchEMS Research and Development is an environmental service centre founded by a group of environmental professionals in 1999 AD with a view to provide sound service on environmental management to its client and to facilitate conduction of basic researches in developing innovative methods for implementation of sustainable development prescriptions, concept papers. Research is carried out putting into perspectives, the national, regional and global environmental fronts.

Within a short span of time, SchEMS R & D has grown into one of the most reputed environmental institution of Nepal. Today, its activities cover a wide range of environmental related consultancy services including environmental studies for project approval, project planning and preparation, institutional build up, advisory services, policy formulation related services, Geo Mapping services and all other aspects related to environmental management.

A Key skill, we possess is the ability to identify and address the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of many different types of development, infrastructure and construction sites; established areas, greenfield sites or development parcels in land or underground.

SchEMS R & D has modern and an efficient operational system backed by devoted and experienced experts, academicians. Our commitment to quality research, the competence of our experts and our proven ability to tackle all kinds of situation in a preferred way under any circumstances have been well commended and appreciated by our clients within the country as well as abroad.

We can assist with all aspects of investigating, planning, managing, or modifying a development, no matter of its location.

SchEMS R & D operates its functions from a building with 600 sq. m of office space, located in the heart of Kathmandu Metropolis. It has Environmental Monitoring and Research Laboratory, modern secretarial equipment with email; broad band internet; fax and networking system, a fleet of vehicles and well established training hall and library cum resource centre within its office facilities.


Applied researches related with environmental management, action researches, preparation of implementation guidelines on various aspects of environmental management are the areas of action for SchEMS.Conducting researches on various aspects of environment management is one of the authoritative strengths of SchEMS, where the basic researches are conducted on different aspects of pollution. Biodiversity conservation, ecology, socio-biology, fisheries, and climatic changes, among the others where researches are conducted.

The findings and synthesis of the short and long-term researches are being utilized by government agencies, developers, and NGOs and have been published in various scientific journals of the country and abroad.

Academic Research 
B.Sc. and M.Sc. level students in environmental management have to carry out research in the fourth and eighth semesters respectively for the completion of their degree. During their research, students are provided with all the facilities including research supervisors. On the basis of the interests of students, SchEMS identifies institutions and agencies (NGOs, INGOs, and agencies), which can provide internships for periods of 6 to 12 months in carrying out researches for those particular agencies. The students develop their work into a research thesis to be submitted to the University for the partial fulfillment of their degree.

Consultancy Service 
SchEMS undertakes consultancy works and action research on various environment and development-related perspectives. A broad roster of environment and development experts, each with national and international recognition, has been maintained for the consultancy purposes. SchEMS develops technical and financial proposals as and when necessary with comprehensive vision of respective clients’ needs and limitations. Meticulous planning and execution, and successful completion of approved consultancy work are of paramount importance for SchEMS and each has helped SchEMS earn a respectable name in its consultancy services.

A willingness to look for better ways of doing things, even if it means moving into uncharted territory, has seen us become one of the leading environmental institution of our type to:

  • provide specialist planning and environmental services (SEA, SIA, EIA, IEE, EMP, Auditing, Governance, justice, Diplomacy)
  • develop a computer-based Spatial Knowledge Management System to enable our staff and clients to access current, accurate mapping data
  • adopt the digital mapping tools; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning

Systems (GPS)

  • Institutional strengthening, management and training
  • Environmental surveys for engineering designs, cost estimation of a developmental project
  • Prepare  Resettlement Action Plan
  • Formulate Policy and Program
  • Data Processing and Analysis

Sustainability is a key challenge facing everyone involved in development. We help assess and manage impact of development. Our whole of project approach, which includes specialistassessment, stakeholder liaison and expert document preparation,aims to alleviate the complexities of the technical assessmentand approval process for our clients/donors/partners.

SchEMS R & D