Message from Chairperson

Heramba Bahadur Rajbhandary



Welcome to School of Environmental Science and Management (SchEMS), the pioneering academic institution of Environmental Management in the country. SchEMS was started in 1999 with a vision to become the center of academic excellence and to produce skill-based human resource for socioeconomic transformation of the country. For this, we have been working hard to blend experiences of our faculties with modern curriculum of our programs.

Quality education is the priority of SchEMS. However, we also emphasize on building our student’s character and personality by fostering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to make them more useful members of the society. We believe that our students should be developing sense of accountability, the need of the day, to address the problems and issues related to underprivileged stratum of the society.

Our programs have extensive practical exercises in the form of laboratory works, field works, project works, and internships. These exercises are important to make our students responsible and practical workers when they come out to work in the field.

Finally, our students can take pride of this institute, where they studied for achievements. Our standards are challenging and we are dedicated to help them meet those standards. This will lead them to succeed in realizing their potential as a scholar or as a most practical future professional to serve the nation. "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be" and that happens at SchEMS.

Thank You