B.Sc. Environmental Management

Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental management (B. Sc. Env. Mgmt.) of Pokhara University has been designed to offer an unique opportunity to acquire highly skillful knowledge and 3 practical tools on Multi-disciplinary subjects related to Environmental Management. The course provides the fundamental basis for the understanding and application of Social, Physical, Biological, legal and economical components of Environment and their integrating into a holistic approach to provide a comprehensive working knowledge on the environmental management. The program focuses on developing social, environmental and developmental outlook and adequate skill in analysis, environmental decision-making, implementation, leadership, and communication among the students.

The specific objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Offer the courses and research study covering fundamentals, environmental management tools and advanced courses.
  • Provide an opportunity of carrying out research using cross- cutting tools and state of the art information for thesis.
  • Provide an opportunity for the students to acquire the advance knowledge on the subject and enhance the individual skills and expertise.
  • Contribute to policy research and support the concerned institution in the country.


The prospective individuals with an intermediate of Science or +2, Forestry, Agriculture, Engineering and other related technical subjects or equivalent from recognized institutions are eligible to enter into the B.Sc. in Environmental Management. Besides fulfi lling the basic academic requirements candidates should appear in an entrance examination to qualify for the program.

Course Outline

BSc in Environmental Management is a 120 credit hour course, which is spread over 8 semesters and completes in 4 years.

Semester I First Year 16 Credit Hours
ENG 101 General English 2
MTH 102 Fundamental of Mathematics 3
ENV 103 Introductory Biology 3
ENV 104 Introductory Chemistry 3
ENV 105 Introductory Physics 2
ENV 106 Environmental Geology and Soil 3
Semester II First Year 15 Credit Hours
ENG 107 Communication and Technical English 3
MTH 108 Applied Mathematics 3
ENV 109 Environmental Microbiology 3
ENV 110 Environmental Chemistry 3
ENV 111 Ecology and Environment Science 3
Semester III Second Year 15 Credit Hours
SOC 201 Environmental Sociology 3
ECO 202 Fundamental Economics 3
STT 203 Applied Statistics 3
ENV 204 Biodiversity and Biotechnology 3
ENV 205 Hydrology and Meteorology 3
Semester IV Second Year 15 Credit Hours
ENV 206 Environmental Resources and Sustainable Development 3
ECO 207 Environmental Economics and Trade 3
ENV 208 Environmental Engineering 3
MGT 209 EEnvironmental Policy, Laws and Conventions MGT 210 Project Management 3
Semester V Third Year 17 Credit Hours
ENV 211 Sustainable Tourism Management 3
ENV 212 Environmental Management System 3
ENV 213 Environmental Assessment Techniques 3
ENV 214 Environmental Monitoring 3
ENV 215 Environmental Governance 3
ENV 216 Geo-information Management 3
Semester VI Third Year 14 Credit Hours
MGT 217 Comprehensive Environmental Planning and Confl ICT 3
ENV 218 Disaster and Risk Assessment Techniques 3
ENV 219 Urban Development and Environmental Management 3
ENV 220 Integrated Watershed Management 3
ENV 221 Environmental Technology 2
Semester VII Fourth Year 15 Credit Hours
ENV 301 Aquatic Environmental Management 3
ENV 302 Climate Change and Society 3
RCH 303 Research Methodology 3
ENV 304 Environmental Health and Sanitation 3
ENV 305 Emerging Issues Semianr and Proposal Writing 3
Semester VIII Fourth Year 12 Credit Hours
ENV 306 Thesis Work