BBA Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Objectives

BBA program of SchEMS is one of the coveted programs of Pokhara University in the country. This four-year undergraduate business program that blends academic theory and business practice while preparing students to excel in challenging work environments or in advanced academic studies. This program caters the need of students who are seeking to develop their career in the field of management. This program consists of 40 courses spread over 8 semesters and totaling 126 credit hours. Out of allocated 126 credit hours, 96 credit hours are devoted to fundamental courses of business, 24 credit hours are allocated for the specialization business courses, and 6 credit hours are spent for the Summer Project and the Internship. This state-of-art program is proven to be of paramount importance in achieving the vision of preparing leaders who help transform businesses through their rigorous analysis and innovative insights.

Teaching Pedagogy

The general teaching methodology includes class lectures, group discussions, case studies, practical exercise, presentations, laboratory work, project work and term papers.


Students who have successfully completed or expect to successfully complete Intermediate or Higher Secondary examination with minimum second division are eligible to apply.

Extra curricular

SchEMS encourage students to initiate and actively participate in extracurricular activities which supports personality development and skill enhancement. SchEMS provide the guidance to the students and also supports them with required facilities for their endeavors. In order to encourage student initiatives, SchEMS has formed Student Council of SchEMS (SCOS). SCOS has been actively undertaking extracurricular activities.

Course Outline

Semester I First Year Credit Hours
ENG 101 English I 3
MTH 101 Business Mathematics I 3
ACC 121 Financial Accounting I 3
MGT 111 Principles of Management 3
MIS 101 Computer and IT Application 3
Semester II First Year Credit Hours
ENG 102 English II 3
MTH 102 Business Mathematics II 3
ACC 122 Financial Accounting II 3
PSY 101 General Psychology 3
ECO 101 Introductory Micro Economics 3
Semester III Second Year 15 Credit Hours
ECO 101 Introductory Micro Economics 3
ENG 201 Business Communication I 3
STT 101 Business Statics 3
FIN 131 Essentials of Finance 3
SOC 101 Fundamentals of Sociology 3
ECO 201 Introductory Macro Economics 3
Semester IV Second Year 15 Credit Hours
ENG 202 Business Communication II 3
STT 201 Data Analysis and Modeling 3
MGT 211 Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior 3
MKT 241 Principles of Marketing 3
FIN 231 Financial Management 3
Semester V Third Year 17 Credit Hours
ACC 221 Basic of Managerial Accounting 3
RCH 311 Business Research Methods 3
MGT 314 Management of Human Resources 3
MGT 311 Fundamentals of Operations Management 3
Semester VI Third Year 15 Credit Hours
MIS 201 Introduction to Management Information System 3
LAW 291 Legal Aspects of Business and Technology 3
MGT 212 Business and Society 3
PRJ 491 Project Work 3
ENV 221 Concentration II 3
Semester VII Fourth Year 15 Credit Hours
MGT 411 Business Environmental in Nepal 3
MGT 312 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 3
INT 391 Internship 3
ENV 304 Elective I 3
ENV 305 Concentration III 3
Semester VIII Fourth Year 15 Credit Hours
MGT 412 Strategic Management 3
MGT 313 Introduction to International Business 3
MIS 202 Essentials of e-Business 3
MIS 202 Elective II 3
PRJ 491.3 Project Work 3

All students of BBA program are required to take on an independent capstone project that involves fi eldwork and its empirical analysis. At the end, the students must prepare a report of this work in the prescribed format and submit it to the authorized person/body. The objective of these project works is to develop student’s skills in research, particularly in areas of data collection, processing, analysis and report writing. INT 391.3 Internship

All students of BBA program are required to participate in internship program in the seventh semester as a partial fulfi llment of the program. The internship worth 3 credits and provides students with an opportunity to gain real life experience of the business organizations. This internship training is like on-the-job training which lasts for 6 to 8 weeks depending upon the need of organization and student. During the internship, every student is supervised by a faculty member appointed by the college.