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SchEMS Alumni Association (SAA)

SAA is a network of graduates of the School of Environmental Science and Management. It was established in 2020 with an objective to bring the former students of the SchEMS together in a single platform to capitalize their knowledge, skills and networks to raise awareness about the environmental issues and hold scholarly debates for informed policy advocacy. It further aims to connect the alumni and the SchEMS to support their growth and give back to the society and the nation.


To establish the strong and vibrant network of the SchEMS graduates.


SAA envisions providing level playing field to the mainstream environmental discourse through continuous engagement of the EchEMS graduates and exchange of their expertise on the global environmental issues.


  • To collaborate with the college to provide mentorship support and networking opportunities with the new students.
  • To hold policy dialogues and conversations on the emerging environmental issues of local and global importance.
  • To capitalize knowledge, experience and networks of the SchEMS graduates for the greater national development.
  • Organize events and get together programs to strengthen the bonding of the graduates and spread the goodwill of the college.

Values/Strategic directions:

We will be guided by the following commitments:

  • We collaborate with the college and stakeholders to maximize our impact.
  • We explore and appreciate innovation on our ideas and actions.
  • We promote the idea of multiculturalism to celebrate our diversity.
  • We believe in teamwork for solution-oriented actions and campaigns