Bachelors of Business Administration

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Business in the modern society serves as an engine for prosperity. However, business at the source depends upon the availability of natural capital as raw materials. The prosperity of the man-kind depends upon how fast and efficiently he/she can convert the natural capital (raw material) into the man-made capital.The business deals with utilization of natural resources such as processing of raw materials; productionof refined materials; their distribution and sales in the market as well as management of the wealth earned. Today, this process is extended beyond the national arena through the process of “GLOBALIZATION”. From the shopping center to breakfast table we can find objects of our necessity arriving from different parts of the world. Even within the nation, business is taking place in an accelerated pace, the increasingly effective communication and transport systems have made this possible.

The demand for quality management graduates is expected to grow significantly in Nepal. The demand for extremely high quality management graduates can be observed from the rush of the students to worlds reputed management institutions in the USA, UK, and othe roverseas countries. The SchEMS is fully involved to cater the needs of students seeking for high quality management education.

To fulfill the required objective of BBA program, SchEMS is committed to impart knowledge on business management and administration along with their respective skills.
Teaching Pedagogy
The general teaching methodology includes class lectures, grop discussion, case studies, practical exercises, laboratory work, poroject work and term papers.