SchEMS has three major departments to conduct different activities. They are i) Academic Department, ii) Research and Development Department, and iii) Training and Capacity Building Department.

SchEMS operates through different departments and sections in order to undertake its activities.
1. Academic Department
2. Research and Development Department
3. Training Department
4. Administrative Section
5. Environmental Monitoring and Research Laboratory
6. Computer Laboratory
7. Library Cum Research Center
8. Examination and Record Center

The first three departments are the foundations of SchEMS, which are supported by other facilities and sections. At present, the organization is providing the following services:
::. Preparation of the human resources in environmental management and sustainable development for nation as well as for the region;
::. Regular training program on the environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for professionals, managers, and for administrators of government Agencies, CBOs, and private sector companies;
::. Research and consultancy services on environmental management in the country, especially on various aspects of EIA, Pollution and Natural Resource Management.