About Us

School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (SchEMS) was officially established in January 1999 as an affiliate of Pokhara University, Nepal under the Pokhara University Act, 1995. SchEMS was initially named as School of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development and established by a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals. The team includes people of national and international goodwill and recognition, with broad representation from multidisciplinary backgrounds. SchEMS is aligned with Government of Nepal education policy under the Ninth Five Year Plan, which emphasizes the establishment of institutions to develop specialized human resource related in the environmental field.

SchEMS’s dynamic, cost-effective and practical programs offer state-of-the-art information that are tailored to suit the local conditions. SchEMS offers Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Environmental Management, Training and Capacity Building Service, Course on Integrated Mountain Environment, and Research and Consultancy Services. The major opportunities and facilities at SchEMS include participatory and interactive teaching activities, scholarships to deserving students, opportunity to involve in research and consultancy works as internship, and opportunities for the study in institutions abroad with which it is affiliated.

The main objective of SchEMS is “to prepare skilled human resources base on integrated environmental management and sustainable development in line with the contemporary need of the country in particular and that of the region in general”. SchEMS is affiliated to international universities such as of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Canada, The Netherlands, UK, USA and Australia.